i love you.




if selena ever follows justin on instagram or posts a pic with him thats how you know shit is getting serious and there’s no going back

Selena said that if she dates again she wants it to be much more private than before so don’t expect any of that stuff from her tbh. Just because she isn’t showing it to the whole world doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. It means she’s being more conscious of her choices and what to put in the public eye now than before.


kylemassey: It’s a #platinum affair at the studio! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to @soundzfake and @justinbieber And the WHOLE Team on the success of #BELIEVE #BELIEBERS R REAL


Justin tweeted this when Selena met up with him in Oslo, Norway (April 18, 2013) 


Selena arriving in Oslo, Norway to visit Justin after his concert (April 18, 2013)